Active Care In Home Senior Services  was established in 1998 to help Seniors and dependent adults remain safe and cared for in their own homes. Active Care In-Home Services has been providing kind, caring and professional Caregivers, Personal Aides, CNA's and HHA's throughout San Luis Obispo County since 1998.

Our office is located in Morro Bay allowing easy access to Los Osos, Cayucos and Cambria. We are just 12 minutes away from San Luis Obispo. As well as an easy drive east on the 41 to Atascadero Templeton and Santa Margarita. South to Avila, Shell and Pismo Beach are on are regular routs as well as Arrow Grande. We serve clients in Creston and Lompoc. The Central Coast is where we work and live.

All Active Care employees are thoroughly screened. Every reference is followed up on and our personal aides are subject to pre-employment Criminal background checks and an abuse offender criminal check. 

If you are using a independent caregiver and are thinking that being a employer is getting tiresome we can put your preferred caregiver on our payroll and take the risk out of your in home care. 
It will cost more though you will gain much more, a workman's compensation policy no more worries about being sued over a fall or a back strain or a bee sting. a liability policy, a dishonesty bond, monthly invoice for taxes. 
An insurance reimbursement package. 
We arrange for backup caregivers if your primary caregiver is sick. 
We have a pleasant staff to work with your schedule, to collect time sheets, issue payroll, answer questions and be there for your family when they call and cannot reach the house or your line is busy all day.

Our caregivers and aides are employees of Active Care In-Home Services Inc. 
A California Corporation. 

Many of our attendants are active seniors themselves, supplementing their incomes by doing what they do best-helping their peers to enjoy life to its fullest.

You can stay at home, independent and safe.
You have a choice, we can help.
This is what we do.
Active Care In-Home Services Inc.

850 A Shasta Ave.
Morro Bay Ca. 93442

fax 805-772-7149

Member BBB  A+

The Key to Aging Well And Living Longer 

Through our work it has become obvious that there are lifestyle habits that promote health & longevity. We want to dedicate this web site to healthy aging, which really means living optimally and independently.

Providing kind, caring, and professional Caregivers, CNA's, and HHA's  throughout San Luis Obispo County.  
Our office is located in Morro Bay allowing easy access to Los Osos, Cayucos, Cambria and San Luis Obispo. 30 min to Atascadero, Templeton, Santa Margarita,  Avila, Shell Beach, Pismo Beach.

Since 1998.
         Active Care In-Home Senior Services 

  "Staying Home Is Your Choice"